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"Coast" is the second song from the Devin Townsend Project album Ki, released in 2009.

It is referenced in "The Way Home" from Addicted ("The way...").

Song Credits[]

  • Words and music: Devin Townsend




The original album version. The same exact recording is republished in Contain Us. It proceeds directly from "A Monday," bridged by an echoing keyboard, and flows into "Disruptr" with a restrained guitar solo.

Coast (Demo)[]

Available on the Contain Us bonus content.

Coast (Live)[]

Available on the By a Thread box set, it features in the Ki night in two different takes.


    The way it goes, is the way it goes.
    I'm all right to go
    So go... go.
    They took their things and headed for the coast
    Denied of all in life they needed most
    Love's forgotten child
    born into the wild
    Come to the coast, come to the coast, come to the coast
    come to the coast it will find you...
    The fallout from the California glow
    Toronto's frozen over, this every man should know
    I've forgotten now
    Won't you show me how?
    So run away, so run away from here.
    Just run away, just run away my dear...
    'Cause love's forgotten child...
    So go into the wild
    Somebody took me away...something controls me...