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"Heart Baby" is the second song from the Devin Townsend Project album Ghost, released in 2011. Prior to "Ghost", the song was featured in a Devin Townsend D'addario promo video called "Unleashed," also featuring "Stand."

Song Credits[]

  • Words and music: Devin Townsend
  • Flute: Kat Epple



Heart Baby[]

The original album version. The exact recording, remastered, is republished as part of Contain Us. It proceeds directly out of "Fly" and directly into "Feather," bridged by ambience and flute.


A promo video with D'addario including "Stand" and "Heart Baby"

Heart Baby (Live)[]

Available on the By a Thread box set, it features in the Ghost night at the Union Chapel. The DVD chapter combines it with the performance of "Saloon."


    My heart…why?
    So it goes around. 
    So my angel,
    I know your wiles, my heart baby…
    I will fade away, my heart baby, how their hearts grow cold
    Cold in the mind, I'm cold in the mind...
    Gone now, gone in the morning, (then she smiles).
    Say to my father you're feeling too wild, say to my father you're wild.